Who will save Myanmar? United States of America, Myanmar, Rahigada, to save ?

The United States has urged Myanmar to take some steps to stop the violence and stop solving the Rohingya issue immediately. On Friday, the United States Senate's joint proposal asked the UN Human Rights Commission's investigation team to go to Myanmar and implement the recommendations of the Anan Commission.

According to former and current diplomats and international relations analysts of Bangladesh, the United States has given a strong message to the ongoing Rohingya issue about Myanmar. Now the political parties of the United States did not stop talking about safe environment to keep Rohingyas back or to keep Rakhine; Rather, the main source of the Rohingya problem also emphasizes citizenship. The US has made it think that it has created an area of ​​support for Bangladesh through dynamic communication in the international arena for Bangladesh.

Asked about the situation in Rohingya, Foreign Secretary said. Shahidul Haque said in the first light in the evening yesterday that due to the large number of people of Rakhine minority community coming to Bangladesh, the situation in the border has created a situation. In this situation, the government is trying its best to provide food and other humanitarian assistance. The international community has already understood the horrors of the situation. They emphasize the solution.

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