Salman Khan Lifestyle ,Biography ,Family ,Income 2017

Salman Khan Lifestyle ,Biography ,Family ,Income 2017

Salman Khan

Full name: Abdur Rashid Selim Salman Khan
Date of birth - 27 December 1965
Other names - Sallu / Sultan of bollywood
Profession - actor, film producer
Residence - Bandra, Mumbai, Maharashtra
Salman Khan's film 'Bibi Ho To Aisi' was released in 1988. .
Salman Khan first won 'Manne Pyaar Kia' Filmfare Best Actor Award in 1989.
his acting career, Salman Khan  played many business films.
Notable business photos performed by Salman Khan - Filmfare Best Actor Award. In the long acting career, he acted as the protagonist of many business films.
Salman's father Salim Khan married Sushila in 1964,
Salman's two brothers - Arbaj, and Sohel, and two sisters - Alvira, Arpita Khan.
Salman Khan was champion in the swimming competition while attending school.
Salman Khan's total assets - 200million.

Salman Khan hunted a deer in Rajasthan's Jodhpur in 1998, in this case, the Rajasthan court sent him to jail for five years, on August 25, 2007, he was arrested and released on bail on 31 August for 6 days in jail.
In 2000, Salman was arrested on suspicion of having connection with the Mafias.

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